Cloud India Technology is an India based IT solutions, consultancy and services provider company. We have been serving the industries for many years. At Cloud India Technology, we have highly skilled technology and methodology experts on board to provide greatest solutions to our clients and the industries.

Software Design and Development Solutions

At Cloud India Technology, we design and develop innovative software solutions based on advanced and up to date technologies and platforms.

Our specialisation is in cloud computing. We have been successfully developing cloud based solution for our clients to deliver their vital services over the internet in a very cost effective, secure and scalable manner.

Responsive, modern, platform independent, user friendly, secure and mobile friendly Web applications and portals.

Custom windows desktop applications. Windows 8 store (Metro) apps.

Mobile apps for Apple iOS, Android and Windows phone devices for end users and corporates. Cloud enabled apps.

SOA (Service-oriented-architecture) enterprise application for our enterprise clients.

At Cloud India Technology, we have been serving the industries with our consultancy services. Our technology and methodology experts help-out clients and their team with our vast knowledge and experience in modern and advanced technologies and platforms. We offer onsite consultancy services to help out our clients to improve their team’s skills and knowledge.